iBonbonfactory - Gaming Professional - Passionate Gamer
Strong experienced ENTREPRENEUR with a well-demonstrated history as a Gaming Solution Architect for 20+ years on mobile gaming engineering, business development, smartphone software & computer science. Skilled Executive, Sailing Skipper, Creative Leader.

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Graduated LETI University as Mathematician in 2001

Skilful Executive

Since 2003 and on I've personally managed few remarkable Gaming Projects touching game-development, game-design, mobile-gaming, web-gaming, other fields of computer-science, software-engineering, social networking and monetisation. Maximum team-size recorded 200+ people. Honestly, I'm much more excited with smaller but skilful teams.

Passionate Gamer

Gaming is my life, I played, I play and I love to play. I played ZX in early 90s loading games from a tape-recorder, I played STRATEGY board-games before even any computer, I coded games since 14 y.o. and then professionally in late 1990s... I am a Gaming PROFESSIONAL now. I create, distribute & architect complex GAME SOLUTIONS, delivering games to millions of people on Earth for 20+ years and counting.

Sailing Skipper

What happens after flying 500.000 miles with LUFTHANSA miles-and-more program? You guess, there is another way to satisfy the travel-thirsty. SAILING!! Almost a synonym to 'freedom'... and... my legacy. My grand-accessors traded in sea in a time of Hanseatic League, my grand-pa was a Fishing Captain in ARCTIC and PACIFIC in early XX century, my dad was a Navy Officer crossing ATLANTIC for a sake of Cold War. I am a Sailing Skipper for fun with family and friends, I love it and there are two breath-taking things to me: Games and an Ocean.


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