Colourful Candies a whole lot

Hard Candies have never been easier to cook at Home

The problem of candies is the high temperature. You melt sugar and stuff altoghether until it is a totally liquid – everybody can imagine the temperature of the boiling sugar (don’t even think about trying to check it with any part of your body!!)

When it’s Hot Things develop fast

This is the background of the problem we are solving. We all want enjoy cooking, many of us allow themselves to read or more often watch netflix or youtube… But things go really fast when it’s too hot, you f* do not have that spare minute. Okay.

Use Thermometer

It’s a relatively cheap thing, it is useful everywhere, from steak to candies. Temp is the thing you play with, the way you expose, the 2-degrees-up can change the world (in some recipes). Quality of all components, and I choose even salt, trying different brand – quality is the thing. Yet on the cooking stage your tool is temperature, use it! Tune it up!

Be brave experimenting. Candies will not cook themselves.