Because a Thing seems Difficult — do NOT assume it is IMPOSSIBLE 

SAMSUNG social project - Samsung Fun Club loyalty program
Complex Gaming Solution, Distribution, Social networking for gamers, along with offline loyalty campaigns, effective monetization models and inventions. 7 years in a row Best Project of the World reward.
Sauber F1 team - a Sauber Formula1 team, year 2005, car C24, Engine Ferrari - massive multiplayer online racing game - Multiplayer Championship
SauberF1 Team
Online Massive-Multiplayer Championship, a Fantasy quasi-real-time RACING game, unique gaming tech, and a fan social network. Offline events. Coded with pure ASM for Macromedia Flash (now Adobe).
LENOVO global gamestore solution - Mobile Carrier Billing Worldwide
LENOVO Global Gamestore
Full-scale solution for game distribution included client-side software, worldwide off-deck billing connectivity, multilingual, rich social features and inventions.
Nokia Download project - predecessor of Nokia's OVI  - Mobile Games and Downloads delivery
NOKIA Download
Predecessor to OVI, the distribution affiliate network for downloadable content. Billing integration, content licensing, social networking for gamers.
These highlights above are BIG projects, they are ENORMOUS, they require a lot of energy, all the POWER of your mind, they reflect on your health, and they require to sacrifice a private life too... at times. But wait, this is a very simple choice as soon as you know why you do this and what for. And it is so obvious that a trusted true FRIEND standing next to you is always helpful, and you build your FUTURE together... Gaming business, games, software and mobile industry
And many-many others to whom I say "thank you".


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